Large Breasts and Back Pain


Do Large Breasts Cause Back Pain?


Under Our Care, Breast Reduction Surgery For Back Pain Is NOT Required

dr barry lieberman, master chiropractorIf you have large breasts and have back pain, or you know someone who is large breasted and has back pain, and either of you are considering having breast reduction surgery as a treatment for back pain, then reading this article and following my directions for care will save you untold amounts of grief.
First, let's be clear about our terminology. Being large breasted is different than just a need to lose weight, or lose fat. When asking if large breasts, or heavy breasts cause back pain, we must first rule out that you are overweight. Being overweight can cause back pain.
More importantly, understand that a "cause" is an action or condition that, alone, leads to the end result: in this case, back pain. "Cause" means to make it happen; specifically, all by itself.
So isn't my back pain caused by my top-heavy weight? The answer is: back pain has many causes, and your unique combination is affecting you, but you need an expert evaluation of your whole body to know what the true combination of causes really are; not just a limited exam of your back pain. To avoid breast reduction surgery, and to finally solve your back pain, get an expert evaluation by a qualified chiropractor. We do this in Los Angeles for people like you. Our chronic back pain patients, never consider having breast reduction surgery ever again.
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Here's an analogy of the causes of back pain vs. the causes of heart disease: Is high cholesterol the cause of heart attacks? Is weight gain and too much fat, smoking, or not exercising the cause of heart attacks? The answer to all of these questions is: not each by themselves. Most people falsely believe differently, but the answer is "no," because none of those things all alone (that's the key) can be directly attributed to cause heart attacks. One of them does not directly and solely cause the other.
However, what if you start combining more than one factor together with another? What is the answer then? When you combine these risk factors together you might find that a higher percentage of people will eventually get the end result; a preventable heart attack. A higher percentage, but not all! What we have here are called "contributing factors." They all play some role in the problem, but are not "the cause" all alone. A single contributing factor, just like big breasts, or eating mutated food does not cause back pain (a symptom) all by itself.
Having heavy breasts is not the sole cause of your back pain. It can contribute to your symptoms, but elsewhere in your body are the real causes that must be properly evaluated. That's what we do in Beverly Hills.
The causes of back pain: Back pain has many, many contributing factors. Those factors, together, lead to your pain. Chiropractors have to sort these out and make sense of them all the time. Did someone tell you that your back pain is because of the heavy weight of your breasts? How can you know if your breasts are NOT the sole cause of your back pain? Is there a preferred evaluation method available to pinpoint the other contributing factors? Yes, and we use this holistic method here in Los Angeles to help people with all kinds of chronic pain.

Don't let myths and non-expert opinions coax you into going under the knife to cut away and remove healthy, natural breast tissue. These myths are just like the tricky misinformation that influenced Angelina Jolie to have breast surgery. Just call us. Thinking that breast surgery is the only choice is foolish considering our alternative care, and natural functional medicine.

A chiropractor can give you the expert opinion you need, but even a chiropractor can mistakenly think that the weight of your breasts is solely causing your back pain. The "cause by heavy breasts" idea is an oversimplification. The reasoning is that there is a larger than usual, forward-of-center, top-heavy weight, and the muscles of your back and shoulders have to compensate for this forward weight. Yes, your back muscles and shoulder muscles always have to work harder because of the increased demand on them, just to maintain your upright posture, but heavy breasts, alone, are not the cause of back pain. There's a second source affecting you, causing delayed muscle reflexes. This is why you need an expert evaluation.

Expert opinion: The extra forward weight from heavy breasts, is not the sole cause of your back problem. The clear proof that your heavy breasts are not causing your back pain is that there are many other more busty women who do not have back pain at all. If heavy breasts cause back pain, then every woman with large breasts would have back pain. Obviously large breasts alone do not cause back pain, but they are just a contributing factor to your true underlying problem, which results in chronic backache. Now that we know how a contributing factor all by itself is not the cause of your pain, we can also appreciate that big breasts alone do not cause back pain. Other contributing factors must be present that cause delayed muscle reflex responses. The delayed reflexes mistakenly get overlooked, and surgery is considered.
So, should large breasted women expect to have back pain?

Large breasted women, including women who have had breast augmentation, are not all destined to have back pain, but are at risk, unless you do something proactive. To live without back pain, you'll just have to take care of your daily health and lifestyle demands at a higher level than other women do, including finding an integrative chiropractor and getting an expert evaluation for the other factors that cause your individual lifestyle to be challenged.

You must be proactive to preserve your health and beauty now. Lifestyle care, a specialty of mine, is not conventional medicine or average chiropractic at all. Your individual needs require our integrative chiropractic evaluation. You don't want to just wait for other signs of illness and disease to show-up later in your life. Take the necessary step that we offer, now, instead of later. You want an expert evaluation like we do here in Los Angeles, to reveal the true, multiple factors causing your back pain. We support your higher lifestyle demands. We discover which other correctable contributing factors are related to your back pain, or your risk of developing chronic back pain. You won't need surgery when you come under our care. We get to the root causes, with our comfortable, natural, non-invasive holistic method.

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  I feel amazing! I am on this high that I can't get enough of. Is this how we're *actually* supposed to feel when our body is functioning at 100%? If so, I like it, and I never want it to go away!!! :) "
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Question: Should I get breast reduction surgery to cure my back pain? My back pain is constant. I heard about someone who got breast reduction, and her back pain went away immediately.

Answer: Not when you come to get your own evaluation and easily follow your individual plan. The real "straw that breaks the camel's back" is something else entirely! Wouldn't you prefer NOT to have surgery, keep your natural breasts and become pain free, without the scars that breast reduction surgery would leave you? With our help to detect and correct your true contributing factors and hidden causes of your back pain, you won't have to think that surgery is your only choice. Choosing breast reduction surgery to treat back pain is not a beautiful thing, and is not needed when you are under our care.

In Los Angeles, we evaluate and correct the multiple hidden causes related to your back pain. It is our way to help you Unblock Your Healing Potential™. With our help, your muscles will be able to recover without delay, and without an accumulation of chronic pain. All this without breast reduction surgery. The key is to get your expert evaluation. With our holistic method, we can address all the true contributing factors affecting your body. Contact us to start your natural care program. Eventually, if you have heavy breasts, or large breasts, it won't matter because when we fully address all your body's true challenges now, without any invasive testing at all, we can find the real solutions to your back pain. You will never have to think about having breast reduction surgery ever again, and that's beautiful!
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