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How to pick the best chiropractor in Los Angeles

How do you choose the best chiropractor in Los Angeles? Want the basics? Many people can get fooled into picking a chiropractor for frivolous reasons; like he is a chiropractor in Beverly Hills, or he chose not to have a regular name. Let's get serious. Here are the basics so that you can know what your choices really are, and how you can be more informed to choose what is right for you: the best chiropractor in Los Angeles / best chiropractor in Beverly Hills.

There are basically three types of chiropractors: the first type that tells you there are only two types (1), and the other two types (2+3). Be careful with the ones that tell you there are only two types of chiropractors. This is real dogma. They use meaningless, antiquated expressions to describe chiropractors because they think you will fall for their sales pitch. They expect you not to know any better. They use this old dogma to sell you. It's just another "us vs. them" marketing ploy. Such a chiropractor wants you to believe that you and he are the "us" and everyone else is "them." When a chiropractor tells you that all chiropractors who are not like him are wrong or bad, steer clear! It's just a sales strategy. Take this type of "selling point" as your warning signal.

Fact: A chiropractor in a large city like a chiropractor in Los Angeles is faced with a lot of competition; even more so for the best chiropractor in Beverly Hills. Fact: Some chiropractors face this competition by trying to undermine their competition: the other chiropractors in Los Angeles. Is that the kind of person you want to care for you? NO! Here's a simple rule to follow: Any chiropractor who refuses to be a member of his predominant state chiropractic association (in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, that only means the California Chiropractic Association), is telling you that he does not care enough about his own profession to associate with other good chiropractors in his state who do care. Not a member? Steer clear.

Three types of chiropractors:

The first type of chiropractor is the spine-only, (no matter what) type, who might tell you that there are only two types of chiropractors. Watch-out for a spine-only chiropractor who runs to pharmaceutical drugs at the first sign of distress in his own life. He cleverly hides that he is the ultimate hypocrite. Chiropractic is a drugless/drug-free profession. Period. Just ask your prospective Beverly Hills chiropractor if he has ever taken any antidepressants or anti-psychotic drugs, and if so, why he fled to drugs as his solution. You should be able to smell the hypocrisy, if he did.

back pain chiropractorThe 2nd basic type of chiropractor is the symptom-treating chiropractor, who almost exclusively treats injuries, sports injuries, and people in acute pain. Symptom treating chiropractors are the most vocal in terms of advertising, and this is the reason why most people will associate a chiropractor with back pain and neck pain. Understandably, after an injury, you might be more interested in finding the help of a chiropractor who primarily has an acute-care type of practice.
In general, symptom treating chiropractors are very effective at naturally treating pain without any drugs. Good! Therefore, chiropractic is naturally connected to the drugless treatment of back pain and neck pain. But this does not limit all that chiropractors can do for you.

You will understand more by learning about the third type of chiropractor.

integrative chiropractor homeopathic chiropractorThe third basic type of chiropractor is the full-scope, integrative chiropractor. What does "full-scope" mean? It means full spectrum: a full scope of practice. The scope of practice of any kind of doctor is all of the things he is allowed —by law— to do. As a natural holistic doctor in Los Angeles— an integrative chiropractor integrates all things natural. He integrates all the body areas including your spine, and does not limit himself to problems of the spine only. Does the integrative chiropractor adjust or align the spine? Yes. Does the integrative chiropractor address acute pain? Yes, but the integrative chiropractor excels in helping people with chronic conditions (3 months duration, or more) that have already resisted other types of care; including treatments from the "specialists," who only treat one symptom. Helping people with chronic conditions (not limited to pain at all) is his strength!

Best chiropractor in Beverly Hills

How is an integrative chiropractor's approach different than another type of chiropractor? It all starts with your evaluation. Should the kind of evaluation you get from any kind of doctor fit your own special needs? Of course it should! chiropracticWhat about the therapeutic component? Do you think your own course of care given by any kind of doctor, chiropractor or not, should be different than someone else's care, depending on your specific needs? Yes, it should! A full-scope chiropractor will offer individualized care that doesn't mimic the care of all other patients. Individual needs matter! Unique conditions matter! Your care is for you.

A word of caution: Don't just ask a prospective chiropractor if he is an integrative chiropractor. That would be like asking a stranger if he lost a gold watch, and telling him the brand. Don't ask him a question that already gives him a good answer. He has to answer you without your help. Arm yourself with knowlegable questions before you go to a chiropractor in Beverly Hills, and find out the answers before you start. Find out if he cares about his profession and is a member of the predominant state association. You will do yourself a world of good in receiving the right kind of care for your specific needs. Isn't that what this is about in the first place? It's about finding the best care for you; the best chiropractor in Los Angeles/best chiropractor in Beverly Hills.

The integrative chiropractor practices a full scope. He doesn't limit himself like a spine-only chiropractor. Neither does he focus on acute pain, or injury like a symptom-treating chiropractor, He includes nutritional methods in his practice. He doesn't say that only his type of chiropractic practice is good and that all others are bad. A full-scope chiropractor is truly an integrative chiropractor, taking your full body into account, integrating hands-on, and nutritional, drugless methods to help his patients. He is a member of his predominant State Chiropractic Association (in California, that means the "CCA"), associates with other chiropractors, and enjoys the expansiveness of the chiropractic principles that make chiropractic a distinct delivery of unlimited, drugless health care.

Spine Only Chiropractor, Symptom-Treating Chiropractor, or Integrative Chiropractor.
Now the choice is yours.
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