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Is Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts?

How To Protect Yourself from Breast Reduction Surgery For Back Pain
dr barry lieberman, master chiropractorIf you have large breasts and back pain, or your friend is large breasted and has back pain, and either of you think that breast reduction surgery could be your treatment for back pain, then following my directions and getting our non-invasive solution in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, will save you untold amounts of grief.
First, let's be clear about causes. "Cause" means a single condition in your body that leads to the end result: in your case, back pain. "Cause" also means to make it happen— all by itself.

So isn't my back pain caused by heavy breasts?

That's too simple; like an overly simple "one cause, one cure." myth. For you to develop chronic back pain, more than one factor affecting your back is necessary. You have a unique mix of heavy breasts plus at least one other overlooked factor responsible for your back pain; not just one cause.
Your most important first step
To fully solve the puzzle of what really causes your back pain, combined with your breast size, you need the right doctor. You require a detailed expert evaluation related to your back pain by an expert integrative chiropractor; not just an assumption made by a regular doctor, or a surgeon. The surgeons are salesmen, selling you surgery. Protect yourself. Get our expert evaluation. We solve the back pain puzzle for women just like you. Our patients in Beverly Hills follow our easy-to-follow plan and understand why they will never feel the need for breast reduction surgery, ever again!
Your back pain is not something you should try to fix all by yourself.
It does not respond well to do-it-yourself strategies.
The purpose of this article is to let you know that we can help you.

The causes of back pain

: Back pain has many contributing factors. Together, they cause your upper back pain, or lower back pain. Chiropractors have to sort these out and make sense of these contributing factors, all the time. Did a breast reduction surgeon tell you that your back pain is because of the heavy weight of your breasts? Nonsense! Stand up for yourself and get our qualified second opinion. Our non-invasive evaluation method will identify the other insidious contributing factors that must be present. Our holistic method helps women in Los Angeles, just like you, in chronic pain.

This is not about losing fat. Don't let a knife-happy surgeon cut into your breasts just because you think you're too fat. We can also help you lose weight naturally.
Choose Non-Invasive, First
: Stop believing the "surgery is your only choice" myth. Breast reduction surgery to treat back pain is not beautiful. Protect yourself by choosing our non-invasive alternative to surgery, first.
Having heavy breasts does not justify having breast reduction surgery to treat back pain. Your back pain has at least one other root cause:
the real issue that we will properly evaluate and address in Beverly Hills.
Don't let myths and non-expert opinions coax you into going under the knife to cut away healthy, natural breast tissue when there is an easier way to lose your pain. The myths about your breasts are just like the tricky misinformation that influenced Angelina Jolie to have breast surgery. Believing that breast surgery is the only choice is foolish! Protect yourself. We have your holistic alternative in Beverly Hills.
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Many areas of your back can be affected
Contact us to start today. You will never again think of getting breast reduction surgery to treat back pain, and that's a beautiful thing!
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