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Holistic weight loss doctor in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills says you can lose weight, even without surgery! To lose weight the secret is to start by following our holistic weight loss program. Your weight loss program does not depend on exercise, as promoted by The Biggest Loser TV show. Exercise does not work for burning off excess calories that you already ate. Counting and "burning-off calories" is a myth that leads to weight loss frustration. You need better guidance than the type offered by one-size-fits-all Beverly Hills weight loss doctors.

Lose Weight Without Surgery

When you simply can not lose weight, or keep it off, even with weeks, or months of vigorous exercise, you have to ask, why? Is there is an underlying metabolic imbalance, or hormonal imbalance? Is an undiagnosed slow thyroid (hypothyroid) the culprit? Were you told that your thyroid blood tests appear within "normal lab range?" You have been made to feel powerless and without any answers for how to lose weight naturally. That's when risky weight loss surgery or toxic weight loss drugs have their appeal. But don't go there. Natural weight loss is possible; weight loss without surgery or drugs. You can lose weight without surgery or drugs! You just need a holistic weight loss doctor to guide you.
You don't want to store fat anymore, you want to lose fat and lose weight! Some people, especially here in Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, think that surgery is the magic answer for weight loss. Are you kidding me? Why would anyone go to the extremes of having abdominal weight loss surgery? Weight loss surgery is not as magical as the Beverly Hills weight loss centers want you to believe. What about the side effects? Lap-Band surgery is potentially very dangerous. Weight loss surgery carries the potential for permanent chronic health problems as you age, that rival the risks of obesity, like chronic malabsorption. That's bad! Weight loss surgery is the most extreme treatment; the wrong treatment for weight loss.

Holistic Weight Loss Program: Lose Weight Naturally

natural weight loss program neededYou may have a problem with excess weight and an inability to lose weight because your body has been triggered into a functional "survival mode physiology." In "survival mode," your body keeps storing excess weight, no matter how little you eat! Counting calories does not work. It is worse when you try to cut calories! Your body's protective mechanisms kick-in when your body is trying to survive. You get cravings for more food! If your body thinks its in a desperate survival crisis, it thinks it needs to save and store fat, which may bring hormonal imbalance. In Beverly Hills, we can test to see if you have this hormonal imbalance, even without blood tests.
Abdominal weight loss surgery is crazy. The potential side effects and complications of abdominal surgery for weight loss are endless! Getting weight loss surgery, or having breast reduction surgery is not "routine," or risk-free. Eating less because you are surgically forced to feel full, sooner, is not the answer to better health. It is just slow starvation, and starvation is never the best way to lose weight.
Natural Weight Loss Without Medicine
Using diet pill drugs to force temporary weight loss while bypassing your body's natural regulation systems will ultimately fail. As soon as you stop the drugs, your body weight will come right back to the way it was before: overweight. Think surgery is more permanent? How about the permanent nutritional deficiencies that follow because your body's natural regulation has been permanently changed by surgery? Even exercise for weight loss can be a temporary fix, if that's the only thing you're going to do. Exercise is not a magic bullet that will give you your desired weight reduction and weight loss.
So what can you do about this unwanted weight? You have to get the right kind of help; not toxic medicines, or surgical quick fixes. Bypassing your body's own balance systems with medications, or surgery to overcome your excess weight is dangerous. Instead, you need to pick the best weight loss doctor to help you with the multiple causes of why your body has gotten this way in the first place. Once you start on our holistic weight loss program, you will lose weight naturally. For some, this is through purifying your body. You will always be thankful that you never chose to go down the surgical path!
In Beverly Hills (we serve the greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills area), the fastest way to bring your body systems back into balance is with the help of a natural functional medicine chiropractor. You need an integrative chiropractor who can can use a specialized type of exam, to reveal if your body is in "survival mode," and prone to storing fat. This examining method is often called muscle testing. As your holistic weight loss doctor, we will be able to address the multiple causes of your weight gain, or obesity that have eluded you for all this time.
Weight Loss is NOT about counting calories!
Step by step, with our help, your excess weight will be able to reset back to normal. No drugs or surgery are ever needed for this goal. Even when your own attempts to lose weight with exercise and low calorie diets have failed you, this natural medicine system can help you lose weight.
Case in point: an 18 year old male standing six feet six inches tall and weighing 330 pounds wanted to lose weight. With our unique holistic method of evaluation, we found that there were multiple causes of his weight gain. For his holistic weight loss program, we addressed those root causes. We put him on a course of the exact natural, functional nutrition supplements he needed, with a modified eating program and integrative chiropractic. 3 weeks later he had safely lost 16 pounds and two belt buckle notches—his pants were falling off! He was put on a natural weight loss program that was giving him his desired results including a better level of health. Don't rush to lose weight if it is going to compromise your level of health! Allow yourself to follow our step by step guidance.
When you finally allow yourself to follow the correct guidance, weight loss without exercise, drugs, lap band surgery, or stomach bypass, can be reachable, more than you ever believed. Start with our individualized natural, holistic weight loss program (purification program), to move your health in the right direction. It's all about meeting your body's own needs. We set your body free to do what is best for your health. Of course, when you're ready for a proper exercise program, you can start that too, but it is not your first choice, especially for women. Until then, you can naturally lose weight without surgery, drugs, or exercise! Start by calling us today!
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