The Missing Recovery Essentials

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What Does Better Recovery Require?

Proper amount of fluids? Rest? Time? Medicine? Hospice care? A rehab facility?

Is there anything missing from this list?

Think about that question while you imagine a typical recovery setting: The bed, the medicine pumps and their tubes next to the bed, the sink, the bare floor, and maybe a window in a hospice care, or rehab facility, but only just a small one in a regular hospital room. This is the typical recovery setting we see in Los Angeles or any city.

Is that enough? What else is needed for better recovery? Prayer? Hope? Love?

These are all essential for recovery, at one level or another. They are something not directly connected to molecules and the physical world: the dust of the earth. However, scientific inquiry has already shown that prayer exerts a positive effect on the person for whom the prayers are made. This research showed that the recipients were getting answers to prayer.

Getting back to the typical recovery or rehab facility setting, what else is essential for better recovery? What is the secret for faster recovery, or more complete recovery? On a base chemical level each medicine will each force its narrow action. With prayer, our loved ones do what they can do on a spiritual level to influence better recovery or faster recovery. This is the prevailing belief system, but generally there is nothing more that a patient's family can expect. If you expect something more you will be frustrated with the current status quo at the typical recovery center. In the present-day wait until you have a disease model of industrialized medicine, nothing more is even considered.

Did you notice what is missing for better recovery? Something huge is missing, but gets completely overlooked in every recovery facility, rehab hospice, and every hospital. We believe "we're doing everything we can," and that "nothing else can be done," but this belief system—except for the prayer part—is brought to us by the limited "disease care" model of medical treatment, as it is done in a hospital. Is it even health care? This is not really health care; it is just an isolation and medication care.
Don't let anyone tell you that nothing else can be done, or that healing and recovery are impossible. Would you also believe them if they told you that prayer can't help?
There is something missing, and it is huge. It cannot be named by using one word, and it cannot be separated from the physical world in which we live. Furthermore, it has most certainly been omitted in the course of the diagnosis and treatment of disease at a typical recovery rehab facility.
When you go to a regular doctor, or when the doctor at the recovery facility visits you, he (or she) doesn't look at your present underlying condition, he (or she) looks at your present diagnosis, comparing you to a state of disease.
What is Missing for better recovery? Once this missing component is revealed, some people would scoff at the notion of it; because they bring their previously learned biases along with them and pass it off as unnecessary. But first, ask yourself this: what good is a diagnosis when the causes are not known? If your answer is that with a diagnosis the doctors will know how to medicate the symptoms, you are exactly right, but that has very little to do with supporting recovery. It has more to do with delivering drugs to stop symptoms while keeping the patient waiting. Supervised medication is the focus instead of meeting the patient's individual needs for better recovery. The typical recovery setting or rehab facility is like a hotel with supervised medication delivery. It is typical industrialized medicine; the opposite of patient-centered care.

The problem that remains for helping the recovery process has its roots in the initial premise that the ability to stop a person's symptomatic picture with pharmaceutical agents (medical treatment) Dr Lieberman is the only thing needed, and the only structured choice we have.

There is another choice, unknown in the conventional recovery setting: you can call a holistic doctor who can use the building blocks of health for healing and better recovery— strategically, methodically, and specifically for the individual person needing recovery. The body desperately needs to use these building blocks of health to repair, to recover, and to heal. These are the missing essentials for better recovery. Drugs do not fill this role. You can't force a body to recover with drugs. Don't let anyone tell you that nothing else can be done, or that healing and recovery are impossible. Would you also believe them if they told you that prayer can't help?

I invite you to explore the idea of an inclusive model of health care, to accomplish better recovery. To learn more about true healing and natural recovery call or contact us. We can realistically use these essential building blocks of health to help you, or your loved one's potential to recover faster and recover better. We use the essential building blocks of health, so your healing potential can be set free.

Have your prayers lead you to a holistic doctor who understands and uses the concepts of functional medicine to support better recovery? Let your prayers be answered, even if they have just led you to read this page. Find the right doctor-healer in Los Angeles who knows how to realistically use the essential building blocks of health, for superior recovery potential.

As Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg, president of wrote regarding his mother, in his newsletter dated 1-12-12:
"Please pray for [her]. It matters."
Dedicated to your recovery, or the recovery of the loved one in your life, for whom you pray.
In support of your, or your loved one's recovery
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P.S. Update from 1-19-12:
Rabbi Weinberg wrote the following: "God heard our prayers, and in so doing, gave voice to a powerful message of love."
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